Procedure for registration of  a motor vehicle

(A)  Non-transport (Private) vehicle [Rule 47 of CMVR, 1989]:

All private vehicles having seating capacity upto 7 seats including driver are required to be registered in the territorial jurisdiction of concerned SDO (Civil)-cum-Registering Authority (Motors).

Forms required :

  1. The vehicle is required to be inspected physically for its particulars either by the Registering Authority or by the Duty Inspector (Police Department) or by a Technical Officer of the Transport Department.
  2. Form No.20 duly filled up and signed by the owner of the vehicle alongwith signatures of the inspecting authority referred to (a) above.
  3. Form No.21 (Sale Certificate) in original issued by the vehicle dealer.
  4. Form No.22 (Road Worthiness Certificate) in original issued by the manufacturer.
  5. Form No.34 (in case of Finance) – 2 copies.
  6. Form No.60 (2 copies) or PAN number (2 attested copies).
  7. Temporary number in original.
  8. Invoice copy in original.

Enclosures :

  1. Chassis pencil print and engine pencil print (plate print not acceptable).
  2. Copy of Valid Insurance (Attested).
  3. Residence Proof (2 copies – attested).
  4. Age Proof.
  5. NOC from Excise & Taxation Department in case of vehicle purchased from other State (Excise Duty).
  6. Temporary number is valid for One Month Only. If the vehicle is not got registered within a month, liability affidavit is required.
  7. Photograph (2 copies)
  8. One time road tax as applicable.
    1. Rs.2000/- for vehicles having value upto 4 lacs.
    2. 1% for vehicles having value more than 4 lacs and upto 10 lacs.
    3. 1½% for vehicles having value above 10 lacs.
  1. Prescribed fee for registration. (For invalid carriage – Rs.20/-, for two wheelers-Rs.60/-, for imported two wheeler – Rs.200/-, for non-transport vehicles Rs.200/, for imported motor vehicle – Rs.800/- and for any other vehicle not mentioned above – Rs.300/-).
  2. Fine as imposed by registering authority on account of delay on the part of the owner in making an application under sub-section (1) or sub-section (8) of Rule 41 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. (Fine imposed in accordance with Section 177 of the Act which is upto Rs.100/- for first offence and Rs.200/- on subsequent offence).
  3. Municipal fee, if any. (Rs.500/- and Rs.150/- as the case may be).
  4. Additional fee for obtaining special (out of turn) number (As notified)

Following documents are considered as residence proof :

  1. Voters Identity Card (Attested) OR
  2. LIC Cover Note at least six months old with latest receipt of payment (attested) OR
  3. Valid Passport (Attested) OR
  4. Employer’s Certificate issued by the Competent Authority with copy of I-Card in case of employee of State or Central Govt. (Attested) OR
  5. If an applicant does not have any of the proofs mentioned above, he can attach attested copy of R/Card with affidavit.

In case of Company or Organisation :

ITR latest with affidavit or latest sales tax/service tax registration certificate with affidavit (attested).

NOTE :  Memorandum and resolution + signature of all partners with partnership deed is required.

NOTE : Following documents accepted as proof of Address & Age, Supported by Affidavit attested by Public Notary/ Magistrate:

    1. Telephone Bill OR
    2. Electricity Charges Bill OR
    3. Water Charges Bill.
    4. Identity Card issued to the Ex-Serviceman, by the Zila Sainik Board OR
    5. Pan Card (for Date of Birth only)
    6. Driving License (Purposes Date of Birth only) OR
    7. Certificate of Registration of Firm.
    8. Certificate of Registration & Firm by the Sales Tax Department OR
    9. Income Tax Return OR
    10. Service Tax Return OR
    11. Certificate issued by the Hostel Wardens in case of students residing in Hostels OR
    12. Marriage certificate issued by the Registrar of Marriages OR
    13. Residence certificate issued by the District Administration OR
    14. Rent deed/Rent Agreement OR
    15. Police Report from the concerned SHO OR
    16. Employer certificate in case of Private Limited companies with Identity Card OR
    17. Certificate of age confirmation in case of illiterate person from Medical Officer of Government Dispensary OR
    18. House Allotment letter issued by the Govt. Department OR
    19. Ownership letter issued by the Estate Office.

NOTE :  Original documents to be brought for inspection whose photocopies are required to be attached with the file.

(B)  Transport (Commercial) vehicle [Rule 47 of CMVR, 1989]:

All transport vehicles and all non-transport vehicles having seating capacity beyond 7 seats including driver are required to be registered in the territorial jurisdiction of concerned District Transport Officer.

  1. For registration of non-transport vehicle, all the aforesaid documents as given at (A) above are required to be furnished.
  2. For registration of a transport vehicle, the owner submits application alongwith Form No.14, 20, 21, 22 and all other aforesaid documents required for a registration of a motor vehicle as indicated at Sr.No.(A) above for the issuance of passing order for obtaining fitness certificate from the Board of Inspection.
  3. STC has constituted a Board of Inspection in each district for inspection/issuance of certificate of fitness. The Board of Inspection consists of concerned DTO as Chairman, concerned City Magistrate or a nominee in the rank of Executive Magistrate of District Administration and the concerned Motor Vehicle Inspector as Members. After obtaining passing order from the concerned DTO, the owner approaches the Board of Inspection for the grant of fitness certificate after inspection.
  4. The vehicle is inspected by the Board of Inspection and if declared fit, certificate of fitness to the relevant vehicle is issued.
  5. After obtaining certificate of fitness, the owner of that vehicle approaches the DTO office again alongwith all necessary documents as mentioned at Sr.No.(2) above for registration of his vehicle.
  6. Road tax (Having GVW upto 1.2 tonne – Rs.300/-, Above 1.2 to 6 tonne – Rs.1200/-, Above 6 to 16.2 tonne – Rs.2400/-, Above 16.2 to 25 tonne – Rs.3500/-, Above 25 tonne – Rs.4500/-).
  7. Registration fees (for LTV – Rs.300/-, medium transport vehicles – Rs.400/-, heavy motor vehicles – Rs.600/-, imported motor vehicles – Rs.800/-).

Transfer of ownership of a vehicle:

The transfer of ownership of a vehicle is to be applied in the concerned Registering Authority/DTO office i.e. where vehicle is already registered.

Form Required:

  1.     Registration certificate in original
  2.     Form No.29 duly filled in duplicate and attested one copy
  3.     Form No.30 duly filled in duplicate
  4.     Attested copy of valid insurance
  5.     Attested copy of address proof of buyer
  6.     Attested copy of valid pollution under control certificate
  7.     Prescribed fee (Half of the RC fee).

For commercial vehicles in addition to above:

  1.     Permit surrender slip.
  2.     Challan clearance report.
  3.     Tax clearance report.

Transfer of ownership in case of death of the registered owner:

In such case the application is to be made to the original Registering Authority by the first legal heirs/ the person succeeding to the possession of the vehicle with following documents :-

  1. Registration certificate in original
  2. Form No.31 in duplicate with endorsement of the financier if the vehicle is held on hire purchase.
  3. Original copy of death certificate of the registered owner.
  4. Affidavit by the applicant to this effect and from the other legal heirs relinquishing their right in favour of the applicant.
  5. Attested copies of valid insurance in favour of applicant.
  6. Attested copy of address proof of applicant.
  7. Permit surrender slip in commercial vehicle.
  8. Challan clearance report.
  9. Tax clearance report in case of commercial vehicles.
  10. Court order in case the heir is decided by Court.
  11. Prescribed fee (Half of the RC fee).

Addition/ deletion of hypothecation:

If a vehicle is purchased on loan from a financier the same could be endorsed in the registration certificate. Similarly, when the loan has been repaid, its entry is required to be got deleted. The following documents are required :-

  1. Registration certificate in original
  2. Form No.34 duly filled (for addition of Hypothecation) (in duplicate)
  3. Form No.35 duly filled (for deletion of Hypothecation) (in duplicate)
  4. A certificate from financier for having retained full dues from the financier (for deletion case only)
  5. Attested copy of valid insurance
  6. Attested copy of address proof of the registered owner
  7. Attested copy of valid pollution under control certificate
  8. Prescribed fee (Rs.100/-).

Re-registration of motor vehicles brought to Haryana from other States:

If a registered owner of a vehicle brings the vehicle to Haryana, which is already registered in some other state after obtaining a N.O.C. from the concerned State can apply for re-registration in Haryana. The documents required are as under :

  1. Other state registration certificate in original
  2. Form No.28 (NOC in duplicate)
  3. Form No.27 (in duplicate)
  4. Form No.20
  5. Attested copy of address proof.
  6. Attested copy of valid insurance
  7. Attested copy of pollution under control certificate
  8. Challan clearance report in case of commercial vehicle only
  9. Fitness certificate issued by the Board of Inspection for commercial vehicles only
  10. Clearance from National Crime Record Bureau
  11. Road tax (as applicable)
  12. Prescribed fee for registration.
  13. Municipal fee, if any.

Issuing of N.O.C. for other States:

If a registered owner of a vehicle intends to take his vehicle to some other State and get the same re-registered there, can apply for NOC on prescribed Form No.28. The following are required/formalities to be completed :-

  1. Application on Form 28 (in triplicate)
  2. Attested copy of the registration certificate
  3. Evidence of payment of road tax up-to-date or no road tax due certificate from the tax collection authority.
  4. Clearance report from N.C.R.B.
  5. Affidavit of liability.

Re-registration of a private vehicle:

As per Rule 41(7) of CMVR, 1989, registration of any private vehicle is done for a maximum period of 15 years and after completion of 15 years, every registered owner is required to get his vehicle re-registered from the same transport office where it is already registered. Rule 41(10) of the CMVR, 1989 further provides that the Registering Authority on receipt of an application, renew the certificate of registration for a period of 5 years. The following documents are required :-

  1. Application on Form 25.
  2. Registration certificate in original.
  3. Proof for the payment of uptodate road tax paid.
  4. Attested copy of insurance certificate.
  5. Attested copy of pollution under control certificate.
  6. Attested copy of address proof.
  7. Payment of tax dues., if any.
  8. Prescribed fee for passing of vehicle and road tax for 5 years.
  9. On receipt of application, the owner of the vehicle is directed to get his vehicle physically inspected from the Board of Inspection for obtaining fitness certificate. If the vehicle is found fit to be driven on the roads, the registration permission for a further period of 5 years is given thereafter.

Issue of duplicate registration certificate:

Any registered owner can apply for a duplicate registration certificate in case the original one is either lost or mutilated after submitting the following documents:

  1. Application on Form 26 (in duplicate and with the endorsement from the Financer of Hypothecated).
  2. Original copy of the police report/F.I.R.
  3. Attested copy of valid insurance policy.
  4. Attested copy of pollution under control certificate.
  5. Attested copy of address proof.
  6. Challan clearance report.
  7. Tax clearance report.
  8. Affidavit from the owner of that vehicle to the effect that no challan, no theft case or no police or court case is pending against that relevant vehicle. The vehicle is free from all encumbrances.
  9. Prescribed fee (Half of the RC fee).

Transfer of ownership of vehicle purchased in public auction:

As per Rule 57(1) of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, the person who has acquired or purchased a motor vehicle at a public auction conducted by or on behalf of the Central Govt. or a State Govt. has to make an application within 30 days of taking possession of the vehicle to the concerned Registering Authority in whose jurisdiction the applicant is residing accompanied by.

  1. Application on Form 32
  2. Form 20.
  3. Certificate of registration in original.
  4. Sale certificate Form 21 issued by the Auctioning Department in favour of the owner of the vehicle or the certificate or the order confirming the sale of the vehicle in his favour duly signed by the person authorised to conduct the auction.
  5. The certified copy of the order of the State or Central Govt. authority auction of the vehicle.
  6. Attested copy of the insurance in favour of the purchaser.
  7. Attested copy of pollution under control certificate.
  8. Attested copy of address proof.
  9. Road tax as applicable.
  10. Registration/re-registration fee (As applicable).