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Sh. Manohar Lal
Hon'ble Chief Minister, Haryana

Corrigundum for giving rights of issuing advertisements through Audio/ Video & Wi-Fi Entertainment System in buses of Haryana Roadways
Tender Notice for giving rights of issuing advertisements through Audio/ Video & Wi-Fi Entertainment System in buses of Haryana Roadways
Tender Hiring of Multi Axle Intercity Vovlo/Mercedes Benz/Scania AC Buses
Tender to display advertisements on the bus stands/workshops of Haryana Roadways Bhiwani depot .
Notification of Increased Bus Fare.
Tender Notice- for development, installation and maintenance of Passenger Information System (PIS) .
Tender Public Notice- Regarding Advertisement Boards on Bus stands of Chandigarh Depot.
Tender Public Notice- Regarding Procured tread rubber and allied materials for retreading of tyres.
Public Notice-Regarding hiring of Standard and mini buses under Kilometer scheme tender no-7/SPA-1/Tech and 9/SPA-1/Tech.
On line e-tender for purchase of 300 Standard diesel engine bus chassis.
Tentative seniority List of non-technical class IV employees for the promotion of the clerk.
Tender Notice for providing consultancy services.
Corrigendum for cancellation of e-tender for Purchase of Niterogen Generator for Commercial Vehicle Tyres dated 19.04.2016.
Tender notice for Purchase of various store items and other items dated 07.04.2016.
Advertisement of auction notice No.87/2016-17 for disposal of buses/tyres, scrap,new obsolete parts and other items etc.
Tender notice for providing consultancy Services for improving its financial Performance.
Issue of Tender Notice regarding advertisement contract for Standard Buses of Haryana Roadways.
Notice for openining of Commercial bids for hiring of Standard(Non AC) Buses having closing date of 22.12.2015 and 22.01.2016.
e-Tender inviting the tenderers for the purchase of various store items.
Providing manpower for repairing and retreading of Nylon and radial tyres of the size 9.00x 20 and 10.00 R20 sizes, VOLVO and Swaraj Mazda.
Auction Notice-86/2015-16 for disposal of buses/tyres, scrap, new obsolete parts and other items etc .
Notice Regarding Cancellation of e-tender for 300 Standard diesel engine bus chassis.
Advertisement of Tender Notice for Hiring of Standard(Non AC)/Mini(Non AC) buses on lease basis.
Amendments for purchase of 300 standard diesel engine Bus Chassis after pre bid meeting.
Corrigendum for purchase of 300 standard diesel engine Bus Chassis.
Online T-tenders for store materials for fabrication of the bus bodies.
Revised(updated) list of eligible candidates for Driving Proficiency Test for Haryana Roadways Bhiwani.The earlier list of eligible candidates uploaded for Bhiwani depot may be treated as null or void.
Schedule for Driving Proficiency Test and the Proficiency Test Centres for eligible candidates for the engagement of drivers on Outsourcing Policy of State Transport Haryana/Govt. of Haryana.
Notice-Regarding Engagement of Drivers on the bsis of Outsourcing Policy.
Final list of Eligible Candidates falling in the list of 10 times the number of vacancies categories wise for appearing in Driving Proficiency Test.
Online tenders are invited for providing 78 armed security guards/gunmen at Bus Stand,workshops and Cash branches of Haryana Roadways depots/sub depots on contract basis for a period of one year.
NOTICE INVITING E-TENDER for purchase of 300 standard diesel engine bus chassis.
NOTICE INVITING E-TENDER for New Bus Hiring Scheme- 26.11.2015.
Revised Schedule for engagement 725 drivers through Outsourcing Policy of State Transport Haryana.
List of eligible and Ineligible Drivers of Haryana Roadways
Directions for Haryana Roadways issued Under the ChairmanShip of ACS Haryana Governement dated: 06-10.2015.
Schedule for engagement 725 drivers through Outsourcing Policy of State Transport, Haryana.
Advertisement for engagement of Drivers in Haryana Roadways on fixed remuneration basis as per outsourcing policy of the State.
Advertisement of recruitment for Helper and Storemen.
Walk In Interview for Assistant Company Secretary on Contract Basis.
Payment of Dearness Allowance to Haryana Government Employees on revised scales of pay i.e. 107% to113% effective from 01.01.2015.
Quoting of telephone numbers by Govt. Employees at the time of submission of pension papers.
Revision of pension of pre-01.01.2006 pensioners.
Linkage of Aadhaar Number with Elector's Database.
Transfer of Workshop Staff.
Minutes of Meeting of Commercial Officers of Transport Department held on 08.04.2015, at Panchayat Bhawan, Haryana, Chandigarh
Nodal Officers appointed by Haryana Roadways for CM Grievances Redressal & Monitoring System Haryana.
Steps taken towards safety of Passengers especially girls passengers traveling in Haryana Roadways Buses.
Stage Carriage Scheme 2013
Increase in Fare Rate of City Bus Service
Rates of Fares and Freights for Stage Carriage in the State of Haryana